Speciality Services

Our specialists have the expertise, experience and flexibility to manage and grow the most complex and comprehensive businesses, from corporate farms through to multi-million dollar geothermal fields.

Large, multi-million dollar businesses with complex ownership structures and significant asset bases, operating within very stringent industry regulations, often with political elements, require an extraordinary degree of understanding and intimacy from their advisers. For these companies, the more involved its advisers are in the day to day management and decision making the better.

Our specialist advisors have experience providing whole-package services, including anything from taking care of a company’s office requirements with the help of our management services team and providing all human resourcing services and secretarial functions, to acting as Manager, running the business on behalf of the Directors or Trustees, liaising with them only for major decisions and board meetings. Our specialists habitually look after relationship management and reporting to banks, shareholders and creditors, actively develop and grow our clients’ businesses, including applying for and managing resource consent processes, tendering for new business and developing and implementing business plans.

Levels of involvement can vary from preparation for and attendance at your company or trust board meetings to visiting the stock yards to help pick out the next year’s herd. Perhaps you need us to purchase a new farm on your behalf, or negotiate a commercial contract for land access rights. We can assist at any or all levels of your business.

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