Community Involvement

We're proud of our place in Taupo's strong and vibrant society. Giving back, sharing success, resources and helping others achieve their goals are all integral to our company's personality and values.

Our company is a significant employer in Taupo's CBD. To recruit and retain the best, we're active, involved and encourage participation. Whether it's as a volunteer, supporter or competitor, there's usually a Strettons person at every local event.

We get involved and happily help sponsor a range of Taupo's major sports, business and arts events and we're solid supporters of many small and important groups that make up the fabric of this community, giving their time and efforts to benefit others.

We regularly support local (and the odd national) charities by having regular Casual Fridays, with staff making a donation (either in cash or in kind) for the opportunity to shelve the shirt and tie. We're proud to have raised a boot-load of groceries for the Taupo Food Bank, money for the Lake Taupo Hospice, Taupo Heart Kids Day Out, 2 Ears for Nixon and lots of other good causes. We're thrilled to be able to help the many charitable causes centred in Taupo.

We live and work in a beautiful part of the country and are committed to make positive and practical changes to support New Zealand's environment. Taupo is our home and we're delighted to have opportunities to give back to our community and get involved.