Commonly made yet simple to fix, often overlooked with sad consequences…

Here are 9 mistakes you can easily avoid.

Are you renting out a spare room, unit or property on Airbnb?

If so are you returning this income to the IRD?

 . . . . a statement that is very common in the Construction Industry.

In an IRD survey of around 500 tradespeople, a quarter said under-the-table jobs were common in the building and construction industry and that three out of six tradesman contacted for a quote provided a cash price, without being asked.

If you're in business, read on. The chance of an IRD audit is higher than you think. 

There is no doubt in our mind that the IRD are devoting unprecedented levels of resourcing into ramping up their audit activity, particularly in relation to the cash economy. Other key areas of focus include travel, vehicles, and repairs and maintenance. We're also seeing a new interest in areas that have previously been ignored by the Department.

The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) has sent out a media release advising they have been receiving reports of a phishing scam from a significant number of their customers from around New Zealand. We know of at least three of our clients that have been targeted.

Scam phone calls are being made to both mobile and landlines, and a voicemail being left if the phone call is not answered.

The caller advises they are from the IRD and report to the customer one of several scenarios designed to alarm the customer into returning the phone call and making payment to the IRD as soon as possible. Some calls threaten serious repercussions, such as arrest, if payment is not made to the IRD within 30 minutes.

The 19 January 2016 marked the 40th anniversary of David Wickham joining Strettons. The team acknowledged this remarkable contribution, and celebrated the occasion, with a relaxed breakfast at the yacht club. We were joined by David's immediate family; wife Gail, daughter Jar, son DJ and wife Amy, and much loved grandson Jack (what a wee charmer).

Today at Strettons we are very proud and excited.

Our very own Lormar Bell, EA to directors Steve Bignell and Daniel Britten, has won the NZ Region speech contest for Powertalk International NZ Region. Lormar had previously won at Club and Council level to qualify for the NZ Region competition. Lormar's speech was All you need is Love, in the 'speech to entertain' category of the competition.

Growing up on a drystock farm in Rotorua and working summer holidays on a dairy farm, a career involving the farming industry was always something I had hoped for. I have spent the last three and half years completing Bachelor of Commerce at The University of Auckland, majoring in Accounting and Finance. Hi, I'm Joseph the newest member of the Strettons Accounting Team. As a graduate, I wasn't too sure what to expect on my first day. I started at 10am on my first day of work (something about the Business Manager being busy at her daughter's triathlon until then) so I was able to have a sleep-in before going into work for my induction. I'm slightly upset that those 10am starts didn't continue past the first day.