Company Administration

Having our dedicated Company Administrator look after your records and ensure they are kept up to date is a cost-effective and reliable method of meeting your statutory record keeping and filing obligations.

The Companies Act 1993 sets out comprehensive guidelines for record keeping and filing. Compliance with these requirements can be time and resource consuming. Our dedicated company administration service takes the hassle out of keeping and maintaining company records, and ensures your filing requirements with the Companies Office are up to date. Our administrator will work closely with the accountant responsible for preparing your annual financial statements to ensure all records are filed within statutory timeframes. As part of our service, we will keep records of your company’s constitution, minute book, resolutions, directors’ interest register, the share register and annual returns. We will also keep records of your annual general meeting and ensure you meet your compliance requirements in respect of holding regular meetings. Non compliance with statutory requirements can result in heavy penalties.

Our Company Administration service is a great way to ensure your Companies Office filing requirements are met in a timely and efficient manner.