With a wide range of experience and industry knowledge our specialist geothermal team understand what is required for a geothermal development.

We can help take the steps necessary to move your development forward. Our expertise encompasses the full range of project management from conceptualisation, resource consenting, financing, strategic planning, construction and management of the development for the owners.

The team has been involved in a number of New Zealand’s geothermal fields and has a proven track record in establishing and operating successful ventures.


Project Management: We can help path out a programme for the development of geothermal fields and infrastructure. Working with Clients to develop feasibility studies and helping turn these into profitable projects.

Project Financing: The geothermal team has secured significant non-resource geothermal project financing for new projects and expansion developments.

Negotiation/Contracts: We have assisted in negotiations of various transactions; with the Crown, Treaty settlements, large scale geothermal developments, supply and EPC contracts, marketing electricity and steam, negotiating and managing operations and maintenance contracts; and financing negotiations/closure.

Electricity Market: Strettons has significant proven experience managing the sale of electricity into the Market.

Iwi/Maori Land Trust Liaison: Strettons has a history of aligning with shareholders and trustees. In this way, we developed and managed NZ’s first Maori owned power station at Mokai and since this time, have been invited to participate in numerous fields.

Company Administration Secretariat: Strettons offers corporate office services; acting in the function of CEO/CFO in all areas from board meetings, administration functions, and the liaison with stakeholders.

Preparation of Financial Statements & Tax Returns: Strettons has developed a significant client base and expertise required for geothermal infrastructure development.


Our team have strong relationships with specialists across the geothermal industry. We work with a number of specialists to ensure all aspects of the project are covered.

Geothermal Resource Assessment & Steam Field Development: We engage and manage interfaces between the various technical consultants required for resource assessment and development, geologists, reservoir engineers, modellers and chemists.

Resource Consenting: We are experienced in managing the resource consenting process, including the contracting of specialists where required, the application process and the management of consent compliance.

Well Drilling: We have managed various well drilling contracts involving the complexities of assessing depth and well design, negotiations with drilling contractors, obtaining consents and H&S management for well drilling.

Contact Daniel Britten for any geothermal enquiries.