“Philips Search & Rescue Charitable Trust has utilised Strettons’ services since the inception of the Trust in 1987."


"Located at bases in Hamilton, Tauranga, Palmerston North and Taupo, the Trust operates the North Island’s largest pool of sponsor-branded air ambulance/air rescue helicopter and fixed wing aircraft for the benefit of communities in the Central North Island. It has sought Strettons’ services for accounting and taxation, management of pilot and support staff employment, aircraft operational compliance and maintenance scheduling, regulatory reporting and investment management since day one. We know Strettons retain a wide range of skilled staff, embracing accounting, legal, administrative and in some cases aviation qualified personnel, all of whom take pride in their involvement with the Trust. We really appreciate their commitment.”
Errol Millar - Executive Chairman, Philips Search & Rescue Trust

We are heavily involved in the aviation industry, with clients ranging from skydiving ventures to search and rescue helicopter trusts. We take a collaborative approach to client relationships, partnering with governance bodies to provide integrated management services and expand and grow the business. We get involved with fundamental business decisions and offer strategic and creative input to help identify, assess and act on opportunities. Our expertise helps to ensure successful outcomes for activities as diverse as conducting purchase negotiations for new aircraft and drafting contracts and remuneration packages for employees.

We have a comprehensive understanding of Civil Aviation Authority and OSH requirements and can assist with implementing and monitoring safety management plans to ensure your aviation business is compliant at all times.

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