"I like things to be right but I’m not a paperwork person. Strettons takes care of all that – from wages to contract advice."

“When things have been a bit tough, they’ve given us the reassurance to ‘hang in there’. Our family has been connected to Strettons since the 1960s. We employ their professional services in the complex transport industry as well as in our personal family business. We trust that advice because we know Wayne Morris has more than 25 years’ industry experience; he helped me start my business. The firm is solid and gets things right; they’re upfront with their pricing, accessible and most importantly, we trust their staff to keep everything in our business above board. We rely on their experience and knowledge and trust them to do what’s good for us.”
Rob Mackersey - Director, The Mackersey Group

Transportation is a highly competitive business and the Strettons team is expert in the trucking and road transport industry, especially around the central North Island. It doesn’t matter how big or small your fleet is - we understand the logistics, detail, supply chain and data needed to be successful in this challenging industry. Our industry-specific systems and structures are practical and efficient and will help increase your profit positively and safely. Our customers rely on us to keep their business running smooth and to make sure they’re compliant so they can focus on their commercial core. Whether it’s payroll, GST, ACC, tax returns or investment advice – we do everything it takes to keep you on the right track and your business on the road.

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