Our accountants thrive on finding comprehensive, tailor-made solutions for each of our client's individual situations. From basic monthly reporting for compliance purposes to full-blown audits, we're here to help.

Our team prides itself on being up-to-date with developments in tax and accounting guidelines and how these affect our clients. We work to ensure your reporting requirements are met and you have a clear overview of your financial situation - on time, every time.

Progress and constant improvement are at the heart of our business. We aim to maximise our potential and generate real benefits through the use of modern technology. We’re already using online client questionnaires and looking at improving our internal efficiencies to give our clients the means by which they can both provide us with information and also how the analysis and interpretation can help you manage your business in the real world, real time.

The increasing prevalence with which software is being developed to support the small business, whether starting out or established has not gone unnoticed. We watch these developments with a keen eye to ensure that the service offering is suited to the new breed of business owners. With products like Xero and other cloud based applications, our aim is to unlock the potential inside each of our clients.

We’re always looking for new and exciting technologies to keep up with the huge changes personal banking and insurance products have faced over recent times. Access to market and transaction information is easier than ever and it's hard to ignore the impact of electronic media in business. With the wealth of new accounting applications and methods available there is something to suit every business’ style. We embrace new technologies and systems to unlock the potential in each of our clients. Our ability and motivation to keep up with new developments position us at the forefront of the modern business environment.


Cara Astwood

(07) 376 1729

Accounting Advisor

Coralie Wedekind

(07) 376 0381

Accounting Advisor

Corinne Cushing

(07) 376 1729

Accounting Advisor 

Elizabeth Smith

(07) 376 1720

Accounting Advisor

Garth Robinson

(07) 376 1701

Accounting Advisor

Jade Roberts

(07) 376 1738

Accounting Administration Assistant

Janet Andrews

(07) 376 1727

Accounting Advisor

Jessica O'Brien

(07) 376 1743

Accounting Advisor

Joseph O'Donoghue

(07) 376 1723

Accounting Graduate

Liz Hone

(07) 376 1735

Accounting Advisor

Megan Afendoulis

(07) 376 1703

Workflow Coordinator

Megan Howard

(07) 376 1744

Accounting Advisor

Michelle Reid

(07) 376 1759
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Accounting Technician


Rachel Barker

(07) 376 1768

Accounting Advisor

Rebecca Thorley

(07) 376 1757

Accounting Clerk

Robert Veitch

(07) 376 1722

Accounting Advisor

Tracey Lilburn

(07) 376 1755

Accounting Advisor

Joanne Connell

(07) 376 1726

Accounting Advisor

Kristina Kirk

(07) 376 0383

Accounting Advisor

Kylie Smith

(07) 376 1700

Accounting Advisor


Liska Sutton

(07) 376 1751

Accounting Advisor

Raewyn Richardson

(07) 376 1728

Accounting Advisor

Shannon Yeoman

(07) 376 1721

Accounting Advisor