Our Directors have years of solid and extensive experience combined with the drive and passion to tackle the ever-changing environment our clients and our firm operates in.

They have extraordinary experience in all areas of our business and do an excellent job of overseeing and guiding the firm. They’re hands on and heavily engaged with both clients and staff – you’ll find them out visiting clients on the farm, in helicopter hangars, the cabs of logging trucks, or tucked away in training sessions with members of the team.

Our four long-standing directors have been together since 1988. They’re a great leadership team, each bringing specific industry knowledge and tenacity to the firm. Recently two up-and-coming members of Strettons were asked to accept Directorships to inject new ideas, different points of view and energy to the day to day direction of the firm. Our directors are well known and well respected business people with the expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm to guide our clients on the path to success. We look forward to making the journey with you.


Daniel Britten

(07) 376 0382
(021) 418 450


David Wickham

(07) 376 1714
(027) 498 7513


Michelle Barnett

(07) 376 1740
(027) 245 2616


Pat Brown

(07) 376 1713
(027) 496 0762


Steve Bignell

(07) 376 1706
(027) 473 2134


Wayne Morris

(07) 376 1715
(021) 733 135

Director & CEO