Management Services

Our management services team offers a comprehensive virtual office service to ensure Companies Office records, Trust registers, HR, payroll and tax filing are compliant with statutory regulations.

Payroll is often one of the largest expenses of a business, and because of its confidential and sensitive nature, is often one of the sources of stress for business owners. We aim to relieve that stress by employing dedicated payroll and HR experts to take care of your payroll processing for you, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of payroll and staff records. They monitor leave and performance records, take care of your creditors and debtors and keep up to date with ACC requirements to help you meet your obligations.

Our fulltime Tax Administrator acts as a single point of contact for IRD. Ensuring all GST and income tax returns are filed on time is essential to avoid penalties and interest being incurred. Having a dedicated Tax Administrator allows for a cohesive and accurate schedule of returns to be maintained, ensuring that the appropriate reminders are given to enable all returns to be completed on schedule and filed on time.

We have a dedicated Trust and Company Administrator to maintain both internal records for family trusts and companies, and ensure the Companies Office is kept up to date. These important record keeping functions are often overlooked in many trusts and companies – let us take care of it for you to ensure your compliance with statutory regulations.

Due to the complexity and historic nature of many Maori trusts, accurate records of beneficiaries and their entitlements are often nonexistent. Our Maori Trust Administration service maintains records of succession, distribution, meetings and any grants, liaises with beneficiaries and helps prepare reporting for AGMs and Special Meetings. We have extensive databases and specialise in tracking the ownership of parcels of land to ensure all those entitled to be registered as beneficiaries are discovered, and succession completed. Once the initial discovery has been completed we continue to maintain records to ensure they are up to date and comprehensive.

Dianna Erni

(07) 376 1707

Client Services Advisor

Jan Cradock

(07) 376 1747

Tax Administrator

Joanna More

(07) 376 1718

Client Services Manager

Robyn O'Brien

(07) 376 1717

Maori Trust Administrator