Speciality Services

Our specialists have the expertise, experience and flexibility to manage and grow the most complex and comprehensive businesses, from corporate farms through to multi-million dollar geothermal fields.

With extensive business acumen, tenacity and industry relationships, our specialists provide our clients with the benefit of their industry specific knowledge and project management skills. Each of our specialists has their own area of expertise and they work together to develop the best package of services for each client. We have a full range of offerings including financial reporting, project management, secretarial services, human resourcing and virtual office services.


Anna Pidgeon

(07) 376 1710

Accounting Administrator

Elizabeth Smith

(07) 376 1720

Accounting Advisor

Gary White

(07) 376 1702
(027) 480 0049

Tax Specialist

Kelly O'Reilly Ward

(07) 376 1746

Accounting Advisor & Farming Specialist

Jackie Smith

(07) 376 1712

Accounting Clerk

Mark King

(07) 376 1704


Sue King

(07) 376 1739
(027) 655 1499

Consultant - Project Management

Paul Houghton

(07) 376 1733
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